Float Bags

Flotation Bags for the Folbot GII, and the older Super, is a recurring question.
The float bag that Folbot sells is better suited for the smaller boats.
Folbot bag
It is simply too small to even begin to fill the bow or stern of a GII let alone a Super which is even bigger. This picture is of the standard Folbot float bag in the bow of my Kodiak which is substantially smaller than the GII. The bag barely fills the front half of the space forward of the first crossframe.

These pictures show that same bag with my giant, Voyager canoe float bag behind it in the bow of my GII. The big bag FILLS the space between the two forward crossframes. The Folbot bag does a fair job of filling the bow space forward of the first crossframe.

That big, Voyager bag is now sold under the Harmony name and can be found here:
Harmony bag
Search the Harmony site for "float bags" and you'll see others even larger.
I believe the equivalent to the Voyager bags I have is the 30" End Bag in vinyl at $50 these days. It's the perfect bag for a GII and will work equally well in a Super.

Here's a similar bag from NRS, a very good company to do business with.
NRS 30" bag