Assembly Manuals for Folders and Kits

If anyone has an assembly manual or a kit-build manual they'd like to share, and are willing to ship it to me, I'll scan it and return it to you promptly. Of course I made that promise to one doner and promptly went down with the flu for two weeks, spent four weeks recovering and two months catching up on my life. I'll try not to do that again.

Most of these manulas are scanned at ridiculously high resolution, resulting in very large files. If you don't have a high speed internet connection, just PM me through the Folbot forum and I'll send you a CD.

In most cases, the pages are scanned and cropped so they will print out on standard paper sizes. The SJK manual is an example - sized to print on 8 1/2" x 14" (legal size) paper. The scans are such that you can print full size on the paper, double sided and they will stack, fold and staple into a booklet just like the original Folbot manual.

If anyone needs the pages separated for printing single-side on standard 8 1/2" x 11" (letter size), I'll break them up and post them that way as well. Just PM me and let me know. Of course, if you're handy with Irfanview, you can mangle them any way you want them.

Folder Assembly Manuals
Super - 1948
- courtesy of analyticalist
- this is the first year the tandem was named the Super
- it's a bit hard to read but you'll get the idea
Super TSF and Sporty SWF - 1972
- courtesy of petes
- combined instructions for both boats, including sail rigs
- last page covers Hull Reinforcement Strips and Frame Shortening in case of skin shrinkage.
Big Glider - 1984
- in book form - courtesy of krahmerica
- also includes instructions for shortening frame in case of skin shrinkage - can be applied to all old folders.
Square Stern - 1964
- courtesy of jrneal
Pisces - 1988
- courtesy of rmann

Kit Construction Manuals
Jiffy - 1982-83
- very short lived single - a variation on the Scout from the early 1970s
- courtesy of tjpolsin
Super Junior SJK - 1986-89
- courtesy of barthoag
Super TSK and Sporty SWK - mid 1960s
- combined instructions
- courtesy of gobe
Super TSK - mid 1980s
- last printing of the booklet before Hugo trashed the factory
- delivered with a 1986 kit
- courtesy of gobe

Rudders and Patch Kit for Super courtesy of utz
Super foot rudder
Super rudder with tiller
Super hull patch instructions